"One of the effects of the fiber of beans is to lower elevated blood cholesterol, as now shownh by many clinical studies. ...when plant proteins replace animal proteins blood cholesterol often drops"
(Spiller & Hubbard, Nutrition Secrets of the Ancients; p38)

"If you're not 'into' bran, here's the best way to spoon in the most fiber for the health of your heart and digestive system, In addition, beans offer low-calorie protein for energy, B vitamins for your nerves, calcium for your bones and beautiful complex carbohydrates for calmness and endurance."
(Riccio; Superfoods For Women; p20)

"Overall, legumes are especially important to the American diet, where we need to find lower-fat, lower-sodium, and lower-calorie (and lower cost) protein foods to substitute in the diet. Legumes are one of the best substitues we have"
(Hass, Staying Healthy With Nutrition; p319)